Wetland Watch, Spring Lake

Earth Day Lakeshore Celebration in 2019 will be on Saturday, April 27 at the Grand Haven Community Center. This is an annual event to recognize the unity of the human family with all life, and to recognize the urgency of protecting air, water, and our Earth home, with care, sensitivity and knowledge. Visit our Facebook page for more information.


LEEP is the Lakeshore Environmental Education for 5th to 8th grade students in public and private tri-cities schools. The programs are afterschool for 8 weeks in the spring and the fall. For more information, check with your school.


Ottawa County Invasive Phragmites Control Group is a collaboration of Wetland Watch, Ottawa County Parks, City of Grand Haven, environmental engineers, and others. Work over eight years has reduced invasive Phragmites by 90%. The OCIPCG continues to monitor new growth and regrowth.


Wetland Watch meetings are held in Jan, March, May, July, Sept on the third Wed. of the month. In November we will be meeting on the 2nd Wed. because of the holiday. We meet at 7pm at the Spring Lake District Library. Please join us.